Trip to Kew Gardens

On 2nd November, the year 10 Horticulture students made a trip to Kew Gardens.

The day started foggy and cold, but we soon warmed up in the tropical heat of the Palm House. It was so hot, that when we walked in, all of our glasses got steamed up. We learned about where lots of our food and medicine comes from. It was fascinating to learn the process of how coffee and chocolate is made. Also, by examining the seeds of the achiote tree, we discovered the popular orange condiment annatto. It is used as a colourant in Wensleydale and is the reason your fingers are left orange after eating Doritos and Wotsits.

We saw a lot of funny looking fish in the aquarium. The paintings in the Marianne North gallery where very inspiring. So accurate it was difficult to tell if they were photographs or not. We visited the Japanese pagoda, Minka house and peace garden.

The sun came out in the afternoon showing how all the autumn colours on the trees. Also, how low the planes fly as they come into land at nearby Heathrow Airport.

It was a great day out and we look forward to implementing some of the ideas we took from Kew’s inspirational gardens.

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