What you say about us

Every 6 months we conduct a survey with all stakeholders on how well Falconer School meets the needs of all learners and the issues you want us to be aware of.

This is what parents said about Falconer School in June 2018 

Parents June 2018


This is what students said about Falconer School in June 2018

This is what we are going to do in response to your views

  • We will remind all the students about the Rewards and Consequences system and the high expectations we have for all of you.
  • The bullying ambassadors will report to the Headteacher regularly if there is any bullying or behaviour that concerns them. If there are any incidents of bullying, or behaviour that makes a student feel unhappy, it will be responded to immediately.
  • We will make sure that any low level disruption is dealt with promptly and efficiently so learning is not interrupted.
  • We will use the School Council as the key forum to represent your views to the school and for these views to be acted upon.
  • We will continue to use assemblies more to explore the world we live in and other cultures, and what we can learn from others.

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