Outdoor Adventurous Activities

OAA addresses the Social Emotional Aspects of learning (SEAL)

It is a new subject for Falconer School and was introduced to Key Stage 3 as research has shown that experiences in the outdoors has the potential to have long-term benefits for young people’s physical, mental and emotional health.Each year has 5 periods of OAA on their respective days every week and the students are expected to bring their own clothes that they do not mind getting muddy, wet or torn during the activities. oaa1

This length of time allows the students to be taken to ideal locations where the activities take place. The activities range from; swimming, cycling, climbing, kayaking, bush craft, orienteering, new sports – to name just a few!

Safety is always a high priority not only during the activities but the health and safety for the future of the students is considered. This is why First Aid, Swimming Lessons and cycling safety courses are included in the OAA curriculum.

Each lesson is completed with the students writing about their day in their OAA journals. This allows the students to reflect on what they have done as well as giving the staff insight into the student’s views on the activities.

oaa2 Team building oaa3 Climbing
oaa4 Bush Craft


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