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-Our residential provision offers a safe, secure and fun atmosphere in which our boarders can enjoy learning and developing socially and emotionally.

Our dedicated team works closely with all of the boarders, running fun and enriching activities every evening as well as working 1:1 with their dedicated key boarders. We have numerous activities within school house during the evenings ranging from sports such as football, handball, street hockey and American football to quasar, cinema, climbing, archery, potholing, ICT and Art…… to name just a few!   We also offer a life skills programme designed to help each boarder to be able to wash, clean, cook, live off a budget, use transport and working in the community.

Our boarders thrive in a stimulating, safe and rewarding environment that reflects the ethos of the school. We aim to help all our boarders to be able to leave our provision with a vast array of knowledge and are happy to accommodate boarders for both short and long term placements.




School House can offer up to 8 full time residential places.  Alongside this, we offer our extended day programme which provides the opportunity for even more members of the school community to stay after school for a few hours enjoying activities such as football, multi sports, art, cooking and life skills.

We also have a Boarding Council who meet regularly to discuss school issues and event planning. The Boarders also present occasionally to the School Governors at Full Governing Body Meetings.


The very latest School House news

School House Summer Camp

This summer we were able to open school house for the first week of August, offering an enormous amount of activities such as, quasar, cinema, Colchester Zoo, water fights, nerf wars, outdoor education as well as developing all of those important skills needed to develop as a person. Each child was able to select from a range of daily activities and then reside in the unit overnight. We also had the opportunity for day pupils to join us to enjoy all of the activities on offer.

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First Aid

All of the boarders recently completed basic first aid training. Learning how to deal with emergency situations including, the unconscious casualty, recovery position, compression only CPR, control of bleeding, choking and burns. This also completes part of the boarder’s life skills passports.







School House Platinum Trips

The behaviour in school house continues to grow from strength to strength and to celebrate individuals success we allowed them to enjoy a evening out with their key workers 1:1 playing mini golf, have a meal out and go to the cinema to see a film in the NEW 4DX screen in Stevenage. The boarders who earn 10 weeks of Platinum (only allowed to lose 2 points overall for the week) were able to plan their evening out and see their hard work get rewarded.

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Marks and Spencer’s

This is not just any Falconer School House….This is a Marks and Spencer’s Freshly Decorated School House.

School House boarders have been fortunate enough to have had volunteers from Marks and Spencer’s Watford come down and decorate all of the boarder’s bedrooms and toilet as well as kitting all of the rooms out with new bedding, pillows, towels, socks and body washes.

Some Marks and Spencer’s employees took time off from their normal duties to come down armed with cleaning chemicals, paint and stacks of goodwill and determination. All of the boarders were overwhelmed with happiness when they returned from their summer holidays and have been relaxing in their newly decorated and fresh rooms whenever they get the opportunity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Marks and Spencer’s team that took part in helping the Residential Unit get a well needed freshen up and we look forward to inviting them down for a meal as soon as possible to say thank you properly.

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The Boarders have taken part in loads of activities recently such as visiting the testing out the newly released films at the cinema such as Dr Strange, Storks, Girl on the Train, X Men: Apocalypse, Tarzan, Independence Day: Resurgence to name just a few. The boarders also enjoy going to the woods and park where they may go paddling in the stream, play wide games or relax on the field. They have also been developing important skills such as cooking, budgeting, shopping, washing and cleaning. All of the boarders have continued to develop as individuals extremely well and continue to make great progress.

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Cultural Nights

We have had a few cultural nights recently. These nights included Mexican and Indian. The boarders helped to decorate and cook some traditional food from both of these countries. These also got to wear some of the traditional national clothing. The nights we have done so far are – Australian, Hawaiian, South African, American, Scottish, Portuguese, Greek, Mexican, Indian, Christian Celebration, Jewish Celebration, Muslim Celebration and a World War 2 Evening.

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Extended day

The Extended Day programme continues to offer fun and enriching activities to a large number of Falconer School Pupils and the staff continue to drive this forward creating new and exciting activities for all of the pupils to take part in. Some of the activities we offer are as follows:

Monday – Football – Lead by Mr. Gaze and Mr. Bell and played on the Astro Turf at Queens School. This is our most popular extended day and already consists of almost 20 pupils each week.

Tuesday – Social Clubs / Sports / Board Games – This can be self-led time or with the engagement of staff. This is currently led by Miss Martinez and Mr. Johnston. This is extended day is our most relaxed day where pupils and boarders can chose between a wide variety of activities.

Wednesday – Cooking / Choir / Outdoor Education – Cooking is led by Miss Collingwood and offers a variety of basic and advanced cooking depending on what pupils chose to do the week before. The Choir is led by Mr. Rs Taylor; this is relatively new and is still undergoing development but is proving to be a popular choice amongst some of our pupils. Outdoor education is led by Mr. Stevens. This club runs from 18:00-20:30. Again this is a new club which is doing extremely well and is developing our boarders and extended day pupils survival skills as well as allowing them to test themselves on the more nerve wracking activities.

Thursday – Design Technology / Life Skills / Multi Sports – This is a great evening of different activities now open to a number of new extended day pupils. DT is run by Mr English and is an oversubscribed activity proving to be extremely popular amongst our pupils.


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Inspection dates 01/03/2016 to 03/03/2016
– The overall experiences and progress of children and young people is Good
– The quality of care and support is Good
– How well children and young people are protected is Good
– The impact and effectiveness of leaders and managers is Good
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