Teaching & Support staff

Mrs H Seed English
Miss H Powell English
Mrs L Lee English
Ms S Walker Maths
Mrs E Holop Maths
Mr S Bunsie Maths
Mrs T Greenwood Science
Ms C Frost Science/ English
Mr J Stevens Science
Mr M Abusef ICT
Mr C Patel ICT
 Mrs L Lee SENCO
Mr L Hillard Humanities
Mr D English Design Technology
Mr R Taylor Food Technology
Mr C Dennemont Art
Ms B Hedges Music
Mr M Tralaw Music
Mr D Gaze PE
Miss K McAuley Core Teacher
Mr J Stevens PE and OAA
Miss S Gregory PE and OAA
Mr B Enter Motor Vehicles instructor
Mr P Hodges Horticulture

Support Staff

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Y Savelyeva English TA
Miss N Sinfild Core TA
Mrs L Williamson Literacy Coordinator
Ms V Davis Maths TA
Mr C Patel ICT TA
Mr J Bell Outdoor Adventure Activities TA
Mrs M Farrell Careers
Mr S Keys Science TA
Mr J Hagland PE TA
Cover Supervisor

Pastoral Hub

Ms L Dorken Student Support
Mrs F Cannon Student support
Mrs S Squires Student support
Mrs J Avery Interventions
Miss S Gallagher Interventions
Miss L Smith Interventions
Miss Z Marsala Pastoral support/ DSP
 Mrs A Harper Counselling
 Dr N O’Leary  Counselling

School House

Mr S Claydon Head of Residential / Deputy DSP
Mr Chris Saunders Deputy Head of Residential
Mr Mark Noble Residential School Support Worker
 Mr R Evans  Awake night staff


Mrs S English PA to Headteacher & Clerk to the Governors
Mrs J Buckeridge School Manager
Mrs C Andronic Admin Assistant

Site Staff

Mr S White Site Manager
Mr M Saunders Site staff

Catering Staff

Ms N Sinfield Cook Manager
Mrs C Chapman Catering
Mrs M Hibbert Catering
Mrs L Brown Catering (School House)


Mrs S Franklin Head of Transport
Mrs L Birchall Driver
Mrs S Johnson Driver
Mr R Field Driver
Mrs S Handley Driver
Mr G McMahon Driver
Mrs M Pulford Driver
Mr G Dogbe Driver

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