The school has improved considerably over the last 18 months. We have worked really hard on refining Teaching and Learning and making sure that all boys graduate from Falconer School having achieved everything and more, than they would have achieved elsewhere. We are determined in our drive to move from Requires Improvement to Good, and beyond and are committed to continuing with this rapid drive for improvement. Through our Self-evaluation process, we believe we are ready to move up to the next level.


We know this because Ofsted have told us that our School and subject plans are purposeful and precise and accurately define what needs to be achieved. Teacher s are setting challenging long term targets for students, and the Senior Leadership Team keep a close check on students’ progress towards them. There are systems in place to reward good behaviour and students enjoy the increasing amounts of freedom they are being given. School leaders and governors consultation with parents/carers and students are starting to inform decision making, for example in the setting of homework.

school's performance tables

Residential Ofsted report March 2016

School Ofsted report June 2016

Residential Ofsted report Feb. 2018

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