Literacy and Numeracy Catch–up funding


CATCH UP Funding for Year 7 Students 2017 – Falconer School


The Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch-up premium grant 2016-17 will be paid under Section 14 of the Education Act 2002. These monies are to pay for extra help for students who need extra support with literacy and numeracy. Retrospectively this money was allocated to Year 7 students who did not achieve a Curriculum level 4 in Reading and/or Maths at the end of Key Stage 2. However, since 2016 national curriculum levels were abolished in Key Stage 2 tests and scaled scores were introduced.

Allocation of Fund to Schools

With the abolition of national curriculum levels, the DFE decided to allocate schools the same amount of catch up funding which they received in 2015 to 2016, adjusted to reflect the percentage change in their Year 7 cohort according to the school census .

These funds are paid to schools on 28th February In 2017 Falconer school received £7111.00.

In 2016 Falconer School received £4000.00

It is up to the school to decide how funding should be spent and which pupils will receive extra support.

How we spent our previous year’s allocation?

  • Purchases were made of materials to interest, stimulate and engage the pupils, such as library books.
  • Pupils received 1:1 Literacy and Numeracy support to support their learning. They also received other interventions to fulfil other needs related to their statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Heath and Care Plan.
  • Students had booster classes in English and Maths.
  • Students received support from the Literacy and Numeracy interventions coordinator.

How we intend to spend our current allocation?

We intend to continue as we have above and concentrate more on:

  • Individual tuition
  • Intensive small group tuition
  • External services and materials such as computer based learning resources.

How our previous year’s allocation made a difference to the attainment of pupils who benefit from the funding?

In 2017 we identified 5 students who were most in need of catch up funding. All of these students are Pupil Premium 40% of these students are Children Looked after, 40% are Currently Free School Meals, 60% are Ever FSM.

Of these 5 students:

  • 80% made progress in Maths and English using our new robust “Life without Levels” Assessment in the Summer of Year 7.
  • Students made an improvement in Spelling and Reading Ages.

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