Exams results

When looking at the graph above it is important to note that DFE Performance measures have changed and certain qualifications such as I-Media, Horticulture and Home Cooking Skills are not included in the A*-G measures anymore. However, we tailor our curriculum and choose courses that are suitable for our students and not for the points they attract.
One of the most important figure to consider from the graph above is for low prior attainment. Our Year 11 Cohort have one of the lowest ever Key Stage 2 APS of any other year group. The Average national APS for students at the end of Key Stage 2 is 28.8 points which equates to a 4A. Our cohort of year 11 students has an APS of 19 which is a 3C, this is 5 sub levels lower than the national average. Therefore a considerable amount of progress has been made from low starting points and is far more than the national average. CLA students are the only group achieving 100% A*-G’s. Pupil Premium and FSM students also achieve more nationally and when compared to their non FSM groups.

Expected Levels of Progress are very good in English especially for students with low prior attainment which as seen in the graph goes against the national trend. This proves that teaching at Falconer is exceptional for students with low starting points.

Maths results have been low this year and expected levels of progress are 25% which is still higher than the national average for SEN students. It is important however, that our pupil premium students have made higher levels of progress than non pupil premium students as seen it the graph above and CLA students have done exceptionally well.

There is not a published measure of Science progress from Key Stage 2 to 4 anymore. However, it is worth noting that our students have made good progress this year with 42% making the expected 3 levels of progress. When considered that Science is teacher assessed at Key Stage 2 and students have a mean KS2 Science result of a 3A then they have done very well to make 3 levels of progress.

Please see a graph below which compares APS for core subjects nationally to results at Falconer School. Please bear in mind that 28 is an E grade at GCSE and 16 is a G. Therefore English APS only half a grade lower than national figures and ICT is nearly on the same APS as national figures.
English and Maths APS is higher for Pupil Premium Students at Falconer school. Nationally this is not the case. Total GCSE APS is 72 points lower for students nationally compared to pupil premium students nationally according to the DFE document: SFR/60 GCSE and equivalent attainment based on pupil characteristics. The average total APS for this cohort was 160 compared to 118.3 for SEN statemented students nationally.

Fischer Family Trust produce estimates for schools in all subjects. Although these estimates are not statutory, they are usually very accurate and help teachers with judgements when setting target grades. Please see the table below which shows the percentage of students meeting their FFT estimates.

Progress 8 measures were introduced by the DFE in 2016. If we look at our attending cohort of 16 pupils we can see that our P8 score is -0.37 which is very favourable when compared to mainstream schools. Our P8 figure for all 19 of our year 11 students is -0.76. Nationally in 2015 the P8 figure was 0.11 but we have to bear in mind that not many schools opted into the P8 trial and so national P8 figures will not be a true picture until 2016 data is released.


In February 2016 the DFE produced estimates for Attainment 8 based on prior national data. They also produced estimates for English and Maths. Unlike the P8 estimates, the English and Maths are not measured in performance tables. However, as the estimates are based on similar students nationally then there was seen to be some value to looking at these figures to see how they compare to our students.
• The English estimates that the DFE produced were very much higher than Maths. Considering this, 68% of Falconer students met or exceeded their English estimates.
• 43% of Falconer students met or exceeded their DFE Maths estimates.
• Falconer P8 scores fare very favourably against national figures. Disadvantaged, FSM, CLA and students with low prior attainment make excellent progress when compared to national figures.



GCSE results day 2015

We are very proud of our GCSE results this summer. All the students that attended Falconer School achieved 5 or more GCSE’s each. Most of the students achieved far more! Three students achieved 5 A*- C including English and Maths and have started their ‘A’ level courses at Beaumont School 6th form in St. Albans. Another of these students has started at North Herts College to study Music at level 3. Every student achieved all, and in the vast majority of cases, more, than required to go onto their chosen level 2 course at either Oaklands College (Smallford) or West Herts College. Read more…

Student achievement in Summer 2015

Attainment at KS4 has continued to improve significantly.


Exams Analysis 2015 – Vulnerable Groups

 5+ A*-C including Maths and EnglishExams1

Expected Levels of Progress KS2-KS4 English

The table below shows the expected levels of progress from KS2-KS4 in English. Students are expected to make 3 levels of progress from KS2-KS4. Students who achieve a Level 4 at the end of KS4 are expected to achieve a C at GCSE.

Expected Levels of Progress KS2-KS4 Maths

Prior Attainment

Prior attainment is huge factor in affecting performance for students. Students are not disadvantaged at Falconer School by their low prior attainment as gaps are closed during the student’s time here.

      • 67% of Falconer students with low prior attainment in English go on to achieve expected progress compared to 47% nationally. This means that Falconer students achieve 21% more than the national cohort.
      • 50% of Falconer students with low prior attainment in Maths go on to achieve expected progress compared to 26% nationally. Again this means that Falconer students are doing better than the national average, this time by 48%

GCSE Average Point Score


Falconer students have a higher APS in English and Science than the national average which does not take into account the high amount of Pupil Premium Students we have making this figure more remarkable.

Attainment Gaps

Attainment gaps are used in national statistics and are also a measure in RAISEonline for the purpose of measuring value added for students. The government is very aware that gaps are needed to be closed for pupil premium students as well as other vulnerable groups such as FSM.

Attainment gaps are calculated as follows: if students nationally achieve 54.4% 5 A*-C and the cohort of students who did not receive a FSM achieve 73.1% 5 A*-C then this leaves an attainment gap of 18.7 points. Please see the graph below to compare gaps.

Nationally there is a huge gap between students who have a statement of educational needs. There is a gap of -27 points when comparing FSM students nationally but at Falconer school this is only -5 points.


Future destinations:

      • 2 students have been accepted into Beaumont School 6th form to study A levels (HM & DB)
      • 1 student has been accepted onto Level 3 BTEC Music Performance at North Herts College (TMS)
      • 1 student level 2 Fashion Design at School of Fashion & Retail (LR)
      • 1 student Level 2 ICT at West Herts College (RC)
      • 1 student Level 2 Maintenance & Construction at Oaklands College (SF)
      • 3 students Level 1Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance at West Herts College (GD, CB, & KK)
      • 2 students have secured an Apprenticeship (NN & TA)
      • 1 student level 2 Public Services at Oaklands College (AMR)
      • 1 student Level 1 Plumbing at West Herts College (AS)
      • 1 student Level 2 Public Services at Lambeth College (ZZ)
      • 1 student at Springboard prior to a level 2 college place (SB)

Destinations are secured with appointment of member of staff responsible for transition. This support will continue to be offered to this year group throughout year 12.

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