Admission Arrangements

Falconer School is one of four secondary SEMH schools in Hertfordshire.  All students at Falconer School have a Statement of Educational Needs or an Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

When a young person is being considered for admission to an SEMH school their case is heard at a Provisions panel which decides the type of school that would best meet the needs of that individual student. Following this a Placement panel meets to allocate an actual provision. This is normally the closest provision available, but alternatives can be suggested if the closest provision is at or over its capacity, or a parent/carer agrees to provide transport to their preferred choice.

Once a place has been allocated at Falconer School, we arrange a visit for the student with parents/carers and quickly follow that up with a home visit. As soon as transport is organised a start date will be agreed between Falconer School and the parents/carers.

Falconer School primarily educates students from the South West Hertfordshire and Hertsmere areas, with a few pupils from slightly further away and a few from neighbouring local authorities.

If your son has a statement or EHC Plan, please contact Michael Pearson, our SEN ’gatekeeper’. He will be able to advise you on the processes available for considering Falconer School as an appropriate provision for your son. His contact details are below:

Michael Pearson SEN Officer, Watford & Three Rivers Special Educational Needs Team Integrated Services for Learning Hertfordshire County Council, Apsley 2 Brindley Way Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9BF

Telephone: 01442 453059


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